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SXC G-08 Polygel Nail Kit Temperature Color Mood Changing 6pcs 30ML Nail Extension Gel All-in-One Nail Enhancement Starter Gel Builder Nail Technician Set(Vampire Series)

  • 🔥TEMPERATURE CHANGE POLYGEL KIT- This Vampire Series Mood Changing Kit comes with 6pcs 30ML extension gel, 1x High quality flat bed diamonds. 1x cystal rhinstones & 1x premium nail art powder and all the essential tool that you needed to start building your awesome gel nail extension. The glitter powders are finely made with quality materials for you to create any type of special glitter effects. This newly temperature mood changing builder kit is good for starter and professional builders.
  • 👍NEW TREND AND NEW STYLE - This Mood Changing kit is truly remarkable and one of its kind in the market. These gels can change from a light tone to a darker tone base on your hand temperature. It has all the Dark and Gothic feel to it and make it a real unique design. Normally, you need a a lot of design work to get this effect. This phenomenal set can make it truly easy for you to get the dark look that you are seeking for.This Temperature changing Polygel Nail Extension Kit is all you needed
  • 💅FUN TO LEARN AND EASY TO USE - We created this kit with ease to use in mind. With all the tools and glitters and poly gels. You could get your gel nail extension done in no time at the comfort of your home. Just follow the simple instruction we included in the package or look for some advance techniques on YouTube. You will have some so fun and satisfying results to show off your friends!
  • 😱LONG-LASTING EFFECTS - These are 6pcs 30ml mood changing polygels are very unique to the market. With the new improved formula. Your extension gel could last up to one month or longer with proper NAIL PREP(Filing, buffering and cleaning). For even better results and lasting effects. You may apply nail dehydrator and primer after your nail prep.You may also refill your nails when the new cuticle area grows. You don't need to remove it and start it again!
  • ❤️️NEW TIPS & TRICKS - You may use TOP COAT as slip solution to prevent the poly gel stick to the brush. There is no need for Slip Solution if you don't have one handy. Or you can also use 70% isopropyl alcohol for the same result. Just don't dip too much! Removing the nail extension is easy. You could just simply file gel nail extension down and buffer it. Or remove it like a PRO by using a nail drill for faster and cleaner results!
  • Brand: Visit the SXC Store
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