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SLweizhi Complete Clean Floss Picks 100 Count (Pack of 5) Free Portable Package (10 Count)

  • 👀 ▶BAMBOO CHARCOAL FLOSS:Floss is made of polymer fiber,smooth and not easy to break, and has not damage to the teeth.Handle is made of food-grade material, smooth and flat without burrs.Bamboo Charcoal floss stick makes the mouth to be cleaner.Functionally remove the plagues and debris where normal toothbrushes can
  • 👀 ▶SCIENTIFIC DESIGN: The head adopts oral mechanics design, which saves effort and protect the gums.The handle adopts a non-slip design.The tail adopts a hook design, which can be used as a toothpick to deeply clean the residue
  • 👀 ▶EASILY GET RID OF THESE PROBLEMS: swollen gums, bad breath, picking your teeth with your hands, yellow teeth, less cavities, and no embarrassment when you get along with the opposite sex
  • 👀 ▶APPLICABLE PEOPLE: Suitable for most people.For example, the elderly, reduce dental calculus; children: clean the esidue to prevent tooth decay.It is also suitable for people with orthodontic teeth, dental implants and periodontitis patients
  • 👀 ▶EASY TO CARRY: Boxed design, safe and hygienic, convenient to use and carry, pocket-sized volume, you can carry it with you, such as picnics,parties etc If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us
  • Brand: SLweizhi
  • Color: White
Color: **White**
**👀 ▶THERE ARE STILL SOME PROBLEMS IN BRUSHING EVERY DAY** 1\. Oral harm caused by food residue after meals 2\. Pick the teeth with fingers or toothpicks, resulting in the enlargement of the gap between teeth and the damage of gums 3\. It is difficult to clean the teeth with toothbrush, which leads to tooth decay, bad breath and embarrassment **👀 ▶PRODUCTS:** 1.smooth floss, no expansion of teeth, gum protection, food grade round thread 2.Tenacity, far away from the trouble of bifurcation fracture, high quality fiber, easy to slide out the residue between teeth, not easy to damage the gums 3.High elastic and smooth round thread to enhance tension, flexible and comfortable, easy to clean teeth, care for gums 4.Bow shaped design of head improves cleaning efficiency and reduces pressure on gums **👀 ▶DETAILS:** 1\. wide arch: in line with the human oral design, help to bite and pick teeth easily 2.Bamboo charcoal adsorption: it can effectively reduce the "secondary damage" to gingiva caused by tooth picking 3.Anti slip handle: arc fit, light and non slip, easy to control 4.Slightly warped end: assist in removing food residues, cleaning more thoroughly **👀 ▶USAGE:** 1\. align the floss of the floss stick to the space between the teeth, then move it left and right, and slide into the gap slowly 2.Close the floss to the adjacent surface of one tooth, and gently pull the floss up and down to clean the adjacent surface 3.Gently slide the floss bar out of the tooth space, and clean the end of the dental floss bar if there is a large residue **👀 ▶MATTERS NEEDING ATTENTION:** Children should be used under the accompaniment of adults, placed in the place where children can not reach, this product can not be swallowed
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