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Pocket Care Irrigator (27g End-Port *Smallest)

  • 2 styles of Tips:
  • End Opening: Sprays from the end of the cannula
  • Twin-Side Opening: Rounded tip sprays from 2 openings on the side of cannula.
  • Small 1/2 oz. Bottle (Great for 1 or 2 Pocket areas)
  • Compact, easy to carry – great for work or travel.
  • Brand: OraTec
Size: **27g End-Port *Smallest**
Deep Pocket Irrigator (over 4mm) (Low Pressure) The Pocket Care, a hand-held, non-electric, squeeze bottle for deep pocket irrigation. When you only need to irrigate 1 or 2 deep pockets. Makes under the gum irrigation easy. Low cost makes it affordable for anyone. Delivers antimicrobial rinses, like TheraSol directly into periodontal pockets to rinse away plaque and other particles while fighting disease causing bacteria. Access hard-to-reach infected areas, including extraction sites and around ortho appliances. Avoids waste, fills to just 1/2 oz of irrigant, which is adequate for most site-specific irrigation. Low stream for tender areas (If you need high pressure than the Viajet Pro is the one for you with cannula attachment.) Twin Side-Port Delivers a second stream for a bit more solution. (If full mouth irrigation is what you need then the ViaJet Pro should be your irrigator of choice.)
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