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Orly Rich Renewal 8 oz Exfoliating Scrub, 8oz Hydrating Creme, Purse Size 20z Hand Creme Kit (Pucker)

  • Orly Rich Renewal 3Pc Kits include everything you need to keep your hands and feet smooth and soft, all day long.
  • Each Kit includes: 8 oz Exfliating Hand Scrub, 8oz Hydrating Creme, and a Purse Size 20z Hydrating Creme
  • Choose from 4 Different ScentsL Paradise, Pucker, Pretty, and Passion
  • Each Set Comes in a Nice Travel Bag!* Image with bag just to display the type of carrying bag and not the product specifically inside it. Yours will be packaged with your scent selected.
  • Scent Selected: Papaya and Grapefruit
  • Brand: Orly Beauty
Intended for Hands, Feet and Body
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