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High Frequency Ray Machine Violet UltraNova

  • high frequency wand that maintains stable power without decline unlike cheaply made ones that lose all power after 2 minutes of use - 7 ARGON electrodes - VIOLET/BLUE. Voltage used -110 Volt AC. US plug.
  • oxygenates tissue producing ozone.
  • unique treatment for skin care , anti-aging and other issues, performs cellular stimulation to rehabilitate cellular metabolism
  • kit includes 7 types of electrodes: comb electrode, spoon shaped electrode, mushroom shaped electrode, saturator electrode, neck (horse shoe) electrode, rod electrode, roller electrode.
  • wide range of application
  • Brand: ULTRA NOVA
ARGON electrodes - violet/blue. Oxygenates tissue producing ozone. Performs cellular massage to rehabilitate cellular metabolism. Unique treatment be it poor circulation issues, skin care or anti aging. Wide range of application.
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