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Easyouth Micro Beads Hair Extensions Real Human Hair 12 Inch 40g 0.8g/strand Color White Blonde Invisible Wire Link Hair Extensions for Women

  • ★ Human Hair ★: Easyouth micro loop hair extensions are made of 100% real human hair which is smooth, silk and natural. It will perfectly blend with your own hair and will be more comfortable to wear.
  • ★ Various Color ★: There are various kinds of colors for our micro ring hair extensions: balayage, piano, pure color etc. There will always be one color which is suitable for you!
  • ★ Diverse Situations ★: Easyouth micro loop hair extensions can be used in many occasions. Such as wedding,party,traveling,banquet,meeting and so on. Show your charm confidently!
  • ★ Specifications ★: Our products are available from 12 inches to 22 inches. And all of them are 50g/pack. Usually 2-3 packs make full head.
  • ★ Invisible ★: The beads of micro loop hair extensions are quite seamless and no one will realize that. Just look like your own hair.
  • Brand: Visit the Easyouth Store
  • Color: #1000
Size: **12 Inch** | Color: **#1000**
**The Beauty You Deserve** There was a little girl who had skin disease, and her hair was falling out. From that day on, happiness, laughter and vitality disappeared from her life. She became inferior and pessimistic because of her baldness until one day Easyouth gave her a Hair Extension as a birthday gift, and things changed. Confidence, optimism, and elegance returned to her. It was Easyouth that made angels return to the world! **Advantage of Easyouth Micro Ring Hair Extensions:** Micro Ring hair extensions are made of real human hair, it feels very smooth and looks quite natural. You can style as you like without worrying about hair loss, knotting, frizz and split ends. Micro Ring Human Hair Extensions can be easily restored to its original status, so you can shape it as you want. Secondly, Micro Beaded Hair Extensions can maximize the length and volume of the hair, and Human Hair Micro Ring Extensions are more invisible and seamless. **Color:** Pure Color; Balayage Color;Piano Color **Hair Specifications:** 12-22 inches; 12 inch 40g; 14-22 inch 50g **How to Apply Micro loop Hair Extensions Human Hair Natural:** 1.Prepare a plier. Section off your hair about an inch from the nape of your neck. 2.Take a strand of your own hair, place it through the loop. Pull the bottom of the loop which lies under the bead. 3.Let the hair get through the ring, adjust the ring until it's 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch away from scalp. Then clamp the ring with the plier. **Warm Tips for Customers:** 1.Don't go to sleep with your hair wet. 2\. Don't use purple shampoo while washing the hair extensions. 3.Can be cut, restyled and dyed, but control the temperature under 180℃. 4.Use essential oil to care the hair regularly. **Life Is Fantastic and Easyouth Makes It Unique!**
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