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Blackhead Remover Vacuum - TOPNaturePlus Facial Pore Cleanser Extractor Electric Blackhead Removal Tools Fast USB Rechargeable Pore Vacuum with 5 Replaceable Suction Probes

  • The face vacuum can effectively remove blackheads, whiteheads, acne, cosmetic residues etc., and help promote blood circulation to lift your skin. It is convenient, faster and effective. And make your skin looks bright and beautiful.
  • This Facial Pore Cleaner has 3 Adjustable Suction (Level I II III) and 6 probe heads, aimed at different skin and area such as dry, neutral, oily, sensitive muscles, stubborn pores, and the use of different areas of the face.
  • Press the on-off key, Level 1 a slight suction of about 52KPA, suitable for thin cuticle skin. Level 2 medium suction is about 57KPA, suitable for skin without obvious blackheads. Level 3 strong suction is about 63KPA, suitable for skin severe and stubborn blackheads.
  • Never worry about how to change the battery, blackhead cleaning tools have build-in rechargeable battery and USB port. With LED display, you can easy read the levels of the suction and change it timely.
  • Made of eco-friendly material ABS,3 Adjustable suction Level, suitable for all kinds of skin without damaging hair follicles. The suction cups is removable and easy to clean.We recommend using it no more than 5 minutes each time, twice a week. Please move the device in the same direction and keep it for no more than 3 seconds the same place.
  • Brand: TOPNaturePlus
**Step 1:** Remove your make-up and clean your face. Then please use the export lotion or hot towel or fomentation mode for 3 - 5 minutes to fully open your pores. It will help to fully open the pores and get a better effect. **Step 2:** Please use a blackhead export liquid to make the blackheads emerge to the skin surface. **Step 3:** Please start from a lower strength level and choose an appropriate probe to your skin problem. **Step 4: Cool mist steam and a frozen sheet mask can help tighten pores.**
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